Sustainable and high quality sports bottles

High quality sport and water bottles, 100% recyclable and printed with your own logo. Minimum order quantity 300 pieces.

The most sustainable water bottle.

The Oasus water bottle is completely made from biobased plastic and can be customisable with your logo!

Robust bottle carriers

Strong and high quality bottle carriers, unprinted or printed. Functional and indestructible in use, holds 10 sports bottles. Order from 30 pieces

The Eurobottle products

The Eurobottle quality
From sugarcane to a bottle

The Eurobottle quality

Knowledge, quality and innovation have ensured that Eurobottle produces high-quality, sustainable and 100% recyclable bottles for over 25 years. All Eurobottle products are available worldwide.

We produce in-house, which is why we can say with certainty, that our quality is 100%. All our bottles are durable, easy to use and fully customisable to your needs.

Together with our designers, we can create the perfect design for you. Our sports bottles can be ordered from 300 pieces, the bottle crates from 30 pieces and our water bottles from 100 pieces.

We want to contribute to a new standard for plastics, worldwide. For this, we use sugarcane as the raw material of our products.
Oasus water bottle - The most sustainable water bottle
Granulate Eurobottle

Make a sustainable move

We want to contribute to a better environment and we hope you do too! By opting for our biobased bottle, you already take a step in the right direction!

How does Eurobottle ensure sustainable plastic? Quite simply, the biobased plastic we have is produced from sugar cane. Our story starts in the southern of Brazil around 3000 km south of the Amazon rainforest where many sugar cane plantations are harvested. Sugar cane is similar to bamboo with a hard texture. As it grows, it absorbs large quantities of CO2 from the air, which benefits us enormously.

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Several companies already chose Eurobottle sport bottles, water bottles, bottle crates or shakers. Check out our inspiration page for examples.
Our story
Knowledge, quality and innovation

Our story

Logo printing on sport bottle

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