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Our sport bottles are produced in the Netherlands, in Dronten. By producing our products in-house, we can guarantee 100% quality.


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Who we are:

Knowledge, quality and innovation have ensured that Eurobottle has been producing high-quality water bottles in the Netherlands for more than 25 years. We are constantly looking for sustainable solutions for the production of our water bottles.

We are proud to call ourselves the founder of the biobased plastic water bottle since we have been producing since January 2014. And Of course, all our bottles are also 100% recyclable! Quality and sustainability have always been important to us and are a part of our daily affairs, which sets us apart from other suppliers. We aim to contribute to a new standard for plastics so that all water bottles in the future are biobased plastic.

We also distinguish ourselves by offering 330ml and 1000ml bottles and the option to add a visibility stripe or an extra soft touch layer. All production is in-house, so if you are looking for a custom-made product, you have come to the right place!

Of course, all our bottles are 100% recyclable.


At Eurobottle our production process is completely food-safe, which means all products are suitable for food. There will be no exchange of harmful substances between the bottle and its contents.

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Sustainable and excellent for recycling! The major advantage of biobased plastic compared to traditional plastic is that it emits significantly less carbon dioxide (CO2) during the production process. The production of 1 kilo of biobased plastic reduces more than 3 times the weight of CO2 from the atmosphere! We believe that if you want to contribute to a better environment, your best option is to choose a biobased bottle from Eurobottle!


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