Our responsibility

We believe all companies should take responsibility for the products they put on the market, not only with the production process but also the ‘after-life’ of the products.

Our responsibility

Team Eurobottle

Our step forward towards a sustainable future? – Eurobottle is committed to biobased plastic and circular initiatives.

Sustainable from start to finish

At Eurobottle, we understand how important it is to take responsibility for the products we put on the market. That is why we aim to only use biobased plastic, plastic from sugar cane, for our bottles. By choosing biobased plastic, we reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions during production. Besides the raw material, reusability is also of great importance. Because our water bottles are completely reusable, we help reduce the amount of plastic that accumulates in landfills.

At Eurobottle, we look beyond the product and consider what happens at the end of its lifespan. That is what initiated a partnership with CIRCULR. and SaarSport. These companies transform recycled water bottles into high-quality sportswear and sports accessories. This extends the lifespan of the plastic material and prevents future waste. By working together, we give our water bottles a second life and reduce the impact they could have on the environment.

Oasus Sky Blue - Sustainable water bottle
Sailfish - Eurobottle
CIRCULR & Eurobottle - Collaboration

CIRCULR. & Eurobottle

Together with CIRCULR. we have taken a big step in the sports and sustainability industry. CIRCULR.’s mission is to change the sports world into a circular system. We go beyond just recycling by partnering with CIRCULR. We convert used water bottles into raw materials for new sports materials. It is a part of our responsibility to provide sustainable solutions for the sports world and the first steps towards a circular future. Our shared vision and commitment demonstrate that taking accountability for the environment and product quality can go hand in hand!

SaarSport & Eurobottle

In the sports industry, the standard is still focused on produce, use and discard, this is exactly what SaarSport wanted to intervene. Sports materials are traditionally manufactured from new raw materials, and recycling systems for sports materials are scarce. In addition, SaarSport sees the use of products decreasing due to sponsor changes and rapidly changing technologies, while the valuable materials are already there for the taking. The market forces change, but too little is happening in practice.

SaarSport have brought a fresh perspective to these challenges and, in collaboration with us at Eurobottle, they started working on innovative solutions to make the sports world circular. 

Together we strive to extend the useful life of sports materials, integrate recycled raw materials into production processes and encourage the sports industry to take responsibility for a sustainable future. This collaboration is a powerful step towards a circular revolution in the sports world!

Bottle as raw material for SaarSport products

Watch the bottle grinding process!

Curious about how the bottles are exactly ground? Then watch the video below for a short impression of the grinding of the used bottles.


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