Screen printing and assembly

At Eurobottle, we work with Bewel, a social enterprise workshop, to produce sustainable bottles. Bewel assembles all our water bottles with precision. Their collaboration offers a total package, including storage, printing, assembly and shipping.

Screen printing and assembly

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Our collaboration with Bewel

Bewel is an organization that employs people who are at a distance from the labour market. However, all their employees have passion, dedication and the qualities to carry out all the diverse tasks needed for each company’s process.


Together with Bewel, we ensure the best quality products. At Bewel we have our water bottles and water bottles screen printed and assembled. Assembling our bottles requires a lot of human intervention.

Flestic Eurobottle blow molding machine
Screen Printing Machine Bewel Eurobottle

Screen printing at Bewel

Screen printing is a printing technique where a design is applied to our bottles by pressing ink through a mesh stencil. Bewel’s ink is food-safe and high-quality. This ink adheres well to all our water bottles, retaining its colour and quality after repeated use and washing. Bewel have an extensive colour palette, paired with our bottle options, our customers have an endless range of choices for their product

Assembly at Bewel

Bewel also assembles our water bottles directly. They carefully attach the bottle, cap and nozzle. As for our Oasus bottle, they put together the bottom section, top section, strap and cap. Their well-managed environment always ensures a high-quality result.

Assembly of bottles
Biobased bottles

Biobased bottles

Since 1994 Eurobottle has been producing sport bottles. Thanks to years of experience, our sport bottles have been constantly developed. As a result, we have designed sport bottles with the perfect grip and ideal drinking comfort. But what truly distinguishes us is the material of our sport bottles. This is because these are 100% recyclable. And not only that, we developed the first water bottle made of biobased plastic. Made of natural material that is completely recyclable and, unlike traditional plastics, does not harm the environment.

Watch the screen printing process of our sports bottles.

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