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Frequently asked questions to Eurobottle

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Are the Eurobottle products food safe?
Eurobottle sport bottles are extensively tested for food safety and comply with the latest European laws and regulations. Our production facility in Dronten is certified for the production of food-safe packaging (ISO22000:2005).

Do your sports bottles contain BPA (bisphenol A) or plasticizers?
No. BPA or plasticizers are not used during the production of our products.

What is silkscreen printing?
Silkscreen is a stencil printing process. In this process, we mix food-safe inks. The inks are pressed through a screen with a squeegee tool onto the bottle surface. The different colours are printed on top of each other in layers until the desired image is created. Bottles with this printing are dishwasher safe.

What is the best way to keep the sports bottle clean?
It is very important to clean the bottles properly after use. Eurobottle sport bottles have a large neck opening allowing them to be dishwasher-safe. Of course, you can also wash the sports bottle by hand. We always recommend washing a sports bottle before first use.

Are all models suitable for a bottle carrier?
All 500ml, 750ml and the Team 1L (1000) slim will fit into any standard bottle carrier.

Can a bottle handle hot liquids?
Eurobottle sport bottles are not suitable for liquids hotter than 40 °C.

How can I submit my logo for printing?
Send your logo (or a complete design) with your request as a vector file in the form of an Adobe Illustrator or PDF file.

What color system do you work with?
With the silkscreen technique, we work with PMS colours. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. If your logo colours are not available in PMS we can advise you, on what will be best for your product.

Can I also choose a metallic color for my printing?
Yes, we offer two metallic colours. Silver (PMS 877 C) and gold/bronze (PMS 871 C). Silver (PMS 877 C) and gold/bronze (PMS 871 C). These are the only two colors we offer in metallic.

How many colors can the imprint consist of with silkscreen printing?
For screen printing, the maximum number of PMS colors is: 6. However, for the 330ml Activity bottle there’s a maximum of 2 colors.

I cannot provide the correct files for screen printing, is this a problem?
No, that’s not a problem. We can do this for you. We will discuss any additional costs in advance. Please note; that we will have to duplicate the logo/design for you. This will never match the original image 100%. We do, of course, strive for the best results.

What is the delivery time for printed sports bottles?
For the current delivery time, we recommend contacting us. As it is subjective to every order.