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Sustainable sports and water bottles

Our sustainable sports bottles:

  • All of our products are 100% recyclable
  • All of our products are customizable – made to your preference
  • No inspiration? Let our design team create something for you!
  • Produced in the Netherlands
  • Printed and assembled with Bewel (a social enterprise in Belgium)
  • Choose from 13 different colors
Colors of the Team water bottles Eurobottle
Sustainable sports bottles with your own printing
Durable Activity bottle in 330 ML, 500 ML and 750 ML
Biobased PE recyclable

Activity bottle

  • Available in 330 ML, 500 ML and 750 ML
  • Traditional, functional design
  • Easy-to-open snap cap
  • 11 different bottle colours available
Durable gripper bottles in 500 ML and 750 ML from Eurobottle
Biobased PE recyclable

Gripper bottle

  • Available in 500 ML and 750 ML
  • Ergonomic structure with good grip
  • Visi-stripe with scale
  • 13 different bottle colours available
Durable Team bottles in 500 ML, 750 ML and 1000 ML
Biobased PE recyclable

Team bottle

  • Available in 500 ML, 750 ML and 1000 ML
  • Large printing area
  • Convenient screw cap
  • 13 different bottle colours available
Sustainable sports bottle from Rolynaround with custom printing
Sustainable Performance Bottle XXL Nutrition
Powerbar sustainable bottles - Photo by Racing the Planet
Sports bottle with your own logo, sustainable and recyclable

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Several companies already chose Eurobottle sustainable sports bottles, water bottles, bottle carriers or shakers. View our inspiration page for various examples.


The Oasus water bottle is fully made of biobased plastic. Due to the mono material, the bottle is 100% recyclable. You can fully personalize the Oasus water bottle with your logo.
Also, the water bottle is easy to keep clean due to its large opening. The high-quality design makes the bottle perfect for long-term reuse. Actively participate in a sustainable and clean environment with the Oasus water bottle!

1 Oasus water bottle = 1% donation to UNICEF Plastic Bricks

Bottle carriers

Strong and high quality bottle carriers, unprinted or printed. The bottle crates come in 6 standard colours, double-walled and stackable. Functional in use and holds 10 sport bottles. The bottle crates can be ordered starting at 30 pieces with a free no obligation design.


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