From moulding tool to water bottle.

From moulding tool to water bottle.

From moulding tool to water bottle.

Coming up with a new bottle is one thing but to work out the technical side of it is still quite a journey. With our new sustainable water bottle Oasus, Peter Sanders, head of R&D, was at the helm and takes us on this journey.

It starts with an idea!

Everything starts with an idea and if it is a nice idea and there is enough support, the visualization of the idea is started. The idea is then drawn out the technical department. Once the sketch is in place, the project team will spar over elaboration and all aspects of the bottle will be discussed. Thus, the look of the bottle but also the conveniences of the bottle are considered. Why would a consumer want to use this bottle. What makes this bottle a must-have item. Once the entire project team is behind the sketch, the creation of a 3D model is started. With this, there is a good picture of the bottle and all perspectives can be seen. Material choice, dimensions of the bottle as well as the physical touch of the product.

The 3D model is approved and the next step can be proceeded with. Which mold maker do we commission to make the new mold. In the case of the Oasus water bottle, this went right to not one mold but four molds. This is because the water bottle has four parts, the bottle, the sealing cap, the drinking cap and the strap. Once all the molds are made and adjusted to each other – which is often quite a job – the first trial samples are made in order to test the mold. Once approved, the dies are released and the dies come to our facility

The moulding tool

During the process in which the molds are developed, a variety of tests were done. From migration testing to water bottle food safety testing and everything in between. Because each color has a different composition, each color of water bottle reacts differently to heat, for example (think dishwasher). This can cause different shrinkage for each color, and this is always thoroughly inspected beforehand so that in the end each color bottle is the same.

Once the dies have arrived at their final destination, the final process is initiated. Adjusting the machine. This is a precise task. Especially the first time the mold comes on the machine, everything must be checked and various tests are done to produce a perfect product.

And … then when everything has come together and is adjusted correctly, the first production can take place. Now a perfect product has emerged that we are proud of and that can go out into the wide world.

The best part of it all is working on a new product, which you will see everywhere in the future. The product is also an environmentally friendly alternative to an existing product, Peter said.


Peter Sanders working on the floor at Eurobottle Flestic

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