HUMER from Austria chooses Eurobottle

HUMER from Austria chooses Eurobottle

HUMER from Austria chooses Eurobottle

Lukas Kaufmann, pro mountain biker chooses Eurobottle once again

For more than 80 years, the same values have counted at HUMER – absolute reliability, respect in dealing with customers and employees, sensitivity to our customers’ needs and Austrian hand printing quality.

And HUMER chooses the Eurobottle sport bottle!

The water bottles from the company HUMER are the favorite for professional mountain biker Lukas Kaufmann. Humer recently re-ordered 500 ML and 750 ML Team sport bottles, and Lukas says the following on this:

Last year, I often took a smaller sport bottle with me on my bike to use alongside the HUMER bottle (because there is no room for 2 large ones) – so I’m thrilled to start using HUMER’s 500 ML now!

The printed drink bottles are, of course, 100% recyclable. But it’s not just the recyclability that makes these sport bottles a good choice. They are also good quality and long lasting! The perfect corporate gift for the sports enthusiast.

Also interested in a sports bottle with your logo on it? Then contact us!

Lukas Kaufmann - Humer sport bottles Mountainbike

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