KayFit “Chic, sleek and quality bottles!”

KayFit “Chic, sleek and quality bottles!”

KayFit “Chic, sleek and quality bottles!”

KayFit, kickboxing in Dronten has choosen for gold-printed sport bottles.

KayFit is known for its personal approach, relaxed atmosphere and approachability. They are there for everyone who wants to train in a fun but serious way. At KayFit, they believe that anyone can learn kickboxing and can learn to defend themselves!

And when exercising at KayFit, you now get a deluxe black with gold print sport bottle!

Fatih Kaya, owner of KayFit, worked together with Eurobottle to get the most beautiful result for his new sport bottles. A soft-touch black coating was chosen on a Team water bottle with a gold print. And not only Eurobottle and KayFit are happy with the bottles, but also the customers!

“Customers think the bottle looks chic and sleek. The quality is impressive and they like to take it outside.” -Fatih Kaya

Besides looking very fancy, the bottles are of course 100% recyclable. In addition, they last very long so the KayFit logo is visible in several places for a long time!

Also interested in a sports bottle with your logo on it? Then contact us!

Sports drinking bottles from KayFit of Dronten
Gold print sport bottle matte
KayFit - Kickboxing in Dronten - Sport bottle

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