Keep calm and skate on with Weissensee 4 Kids

Keep calm and skate on with Weissensee 4 Kids

Keep calm and skate on with Weissensee 4 Kids

Weissensee4kids takes up the challenge

Every year in Austria, the amazing event Weissensee4Kids takes place on the Weissensee, where skaters come together to raise money for a good cause.

This year, Weissensee4Kids made a sustainable and responsible choice by choosing for Eurobottle sports bottles. The reusable sports bottles features the Weissensee4Kids logo and are not only functional, but also an excellent way to support and promote the event. In fact, a sports bottle is an excellent tool to reinforce brand perception. With this sports bottle, Weissensee 4 Kids creates a lasting memory for the participants.

“Weissensee4Kids shows not only its commitment to charity, but also to sustainability by using Eurobottle sports bottles. A small step for the event, but a big step in reducing plastic waste and promoting brand loyalty.”

So what is Weissensee4Kids?

Weissensee4kids is a skating event on Austria’s Weissensee. Together they skate the Alternative Elfstedentocht at their own distance. With this achievement, they raise money for children. For projects such as Orange Babies and the Ronald McDonald House Zwolle, among others.

Also interested in a sports bottle with your logo on it? Then contact us!

Weissensee 4 Kids - Skater - Austria
Eurobottle bottles for Weissensee4Kids
Weissensee 4 Kids - Edition 2023

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