Xenofit: Drink it… feel it… Sustainable sports bottles

Xenofit: Drink it… feel it… Sustainable sports bottles

Xenofit: Drink it… feel it… Sustainable sports bottles

Custom sports bottle with your own design. Xenofit opts for Eurobottle!

Xenofit® GmbH has been choosing Eurobottle sports bottles for over 20 years exclusively because Eurobottles’ quality and environmentally friendly production fit Xenofit’s business philosophy. Already several models of Eurobottle bottles are on the market with the Xenofit logo, for example, our Gripper bottle in 500 ML and 750 ML.

Xenofit® GmbH is based in Tutzing on Lake Starnberg and, as a subsidiary, benefits from the knowledge of the company Verla-Pharm Countless hobby and amateur athletes, as well as elite athletes, rely on Xenofit’s wide range of minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. The health of all of us has a high value at Xenofit! The aim is to meet the increasing demand for health. The careful and efficient use of resources, the responsibility of the company towards its employees, its partners and the region is also a priority.

Nadja Riewendt, responsible for marketing and sales at Xenofit says:
“The large opening of the Gripper bottle makes it very easy to fill and clean. Another plus: the three bottle sizes Xenofit has in its range (500 ml, 750 ml and 1,000 ml) fit into every bottle holder, and the printed scale makes it easy to measure isotonic drinks directly in the bottle, for example. For me, the bottle is part of every tour!”

The benefits of a sports bottle for a nutrition brand

A bottle for a sports nutrition brand not only offers ease of use and functionality, but also acts as a very effective marketing tool that creates a lot of brand awareness. By printing your logo prominently on a sports bottle, you reach a wide audience of athletes who take their water bottles to gyms, sporting events and other activities. This results in continuous visibility of your brand! Eurobottle offers a sustainable solution with bottles made from biobased plastic.

Also interested in a sports bottle with your logo on it? Then contact us!

Xenofit bottle on the bike
Xenofit - bottle for athletes with logo
Xenofit sports bottle in snow softtouch clear

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