Sustainable from start to finish

At Eurobottle, we use the most environmentally friendly resources to produce our products. Not only in the production of our bottles but also in the after-life care of our water bottles.

Sustainable from start to finish

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Our raw materials are made from sugarcane

What is biobased?

We are always looking for the most sustainable way to produce our products. We use a type of plastic made from sugarcane, which is called biobased plastic.

Traditionally, plastic is made from crude oil. Extracting crude oil and processing it into plastic takes loads of energy. Also, it creates a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) and can cause environmental pollution. All of this contributes to global warming (greenhouse effect).

Our biobased plastic is made from Sugarcane, and the primary use of consumption is cane sugar. However, the residual of this product can produce bio-ethanol. From bioethanol, you can make plastic that has the same composition and quality as that from petroleum. But it is more sustainable and easy to recycle. With an even greater advantage as sugar cane absorbs CO2 while growing, causing our biobased plastic bottles to have negative CO2 emissions!

We want to contribute to a better environment and we hope you do too! By opting for our biobased bottle, you are already taking a step in the right direction!

What is biobased
From sugarcane to a bottle
Powerbar - Reusable sports bottles
Sailfish - Reusable biobased sports water bottle
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Contribute to reducing single-use plastics

Reusable sports bottles and water bottles

Refillable water bottles significantly help reduce single-use plastic waste.

By reusing our bottles over disposable ones, you save on plastic packaging and help reduce landfill (waste pollution). Refillable bottles are long-lasting, meaning you wouldn’t need to buy a new plastic bottle every time. This act would also minimize the production energy and emissions that produce and transport single-use bottles. Overall, refillable water bottles are a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of hydrating.

Team Eurobottle

Collaborations for a Circular Future

Our responsibility after use

In collaboration with ‘CIRCULR’ and ‘SaarSport’ we contribute to a circular economy, having full responsibility for our products.

We understand the importance of sustainability and have made it our goal to ensure that our bottles can be 100% recycled at the end of their life.

At Eurobottle, we go further than delivering high-quality products; we are committed to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for all of us.

Recycling process of the sports bottles - Eurobottle
Eurobottle - Shredding bottles

Watch our journey to the origins of biobased plastics!

We believe that if you want to contribute to a better environment, you should choose a biobased bottle! Significantly less CO2 (carbon dioxide) than traditional plastic!

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