Laser engraving for the Oasus water bottle

Choose to engrave your Oasus water bottle for a durable and permanent result! Without
adding ink and with the option for small details.
Laser engraving Oasus various colors

Environmentally conscious and stylish: Discover the laser-engraved Oasus water bottle

Laser engraving on the Oasus water bottle

An engraved Oasus water bottle is the perfect choice for those looking for the most
durable solution to add a logo (and/or the recipien’s name). By using laser engraving,

small details are applied with high precision, without the addition of ink. The laser
ensures that the plastic migrates and the logo appears permanently on the water bottle.
By choosing a laser-engraved Oasus bottle, you not only contribute to a sustainable
future but also receive a unique and personal item that will last for a long time.

Personalising the Oasus water bottle

In addition it’s also possible to personalise the bottle. A simple way to personalise your Oasus bottle can be by having your company logo engraved on one side and the recipient’s name on the other. This will provide a unique and durable item for each individual and additional brand awareness for your business!

If you have chosen a personalised Oasus water bottle but are unsure of the design. Feel free to contact us, we would be happy to create one for you, free of charge.

Sustainable business gift

The Oasus water bottle is the ideal sustainable promotional gift for your company. Engrave your water bottle with your logo and engrave the names of, your staff or suppliers on the other side. This will give your company endless visibility as it is a reusable item. What is so sustainable about the Oasus water bottle?

Our Oasus water bottle is made entirely of biobased plastic.

The bio-based plastic we use is made from sugar cane. “Traditionally, plastic is made
from petroleum. Extracting petroleum and processing it into plastic requires a lot of
energy. Producing this produces a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) and can cause environmental pollution. This all contributes to global warming (greenhouse effect).”

The mono-material also makes the bottle 100% recyclable. As this bottle is light in
weight, it also increases sustainability and contributes to an ecological footprint.

1 Oasus water bottle = 1% donation to UNICEF Plastic Bricks


Maximum engraving area of the Oasus
Laser engraving on a red Oasus water bottle
White Oasus water bottle engraved with lasers
Various engraved Oasus
Blue and red Oasus with engraved print

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