Our goal

Together we work on a world in which we actively contribute to a balanced and more sustainable future!

Our goal

Team Eurobottle

A step towards sustainability and restoring our world

Eurobottle’s commitment to a sustainable future

The temperature on earth is rising, the ice caps are melting, natural phenomena are becoming increasingly violent, annually more and more plants, trees and animal species are disappearing. Our world has been subject to changes for millions of years, but we as humanity have managed to accelerate these changes within one generation at an unprecedented rate. Due to the extremely rapid development that we as humanity are undergoing, the balance in our ecosystem has completely disappeared, with the aforementioned consequences. In addition, we must realize that the disappearance of this essential balance also intensifies the disturbances.

Turning the tide cannot be done alone, but together we can! This means that everyone must take their responsibility. Life is a matter of give and take. The imbalance has arisen because we have taken more from nature than we have given back, but did we have that right?

At Eurobottle, we take our responsibility by offering only sustainably produced and reusable water bottles. However, we believe that this is no longer sufficient and therefore we constantly continue to search for possible steps towards a better future. A future in which we are once again in balance with our environment; nature and all other living beings on earth.

Oasus Sky Blue - Sustainable water bottle
From sugarcane to a bottle
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Oasus Sky Blue - Sustainable water bottle
Our goal - Green bottles - Oasus clear

Discover how we take our responsibility in sustainable production and recycling

What do we mean by sustainable products?

We read everywhere about sustainability, sustainable production and a sustainable product. But what do we mean by sustainable? And what exactly is biobased plastic? We would be happy to explain.

Reusable bottles are naturally sustainable in themselves. They are a good alternative to disposable bottles and cups. This contributes to reducing plastic waste and preserving natural resources.

In addition, we use I’m green Polyethylene, a biobased plastic made from sugarcane. This means that the raw material is renewable and not dependent on fossil fuels. And a big advantage: because sugarcane absorbs a lot of CO2 while growing, biobased plastic even has a negative CO2 emission.

We strive for a circular economy, in which the use of polluting raw materials is reduced and recycling is promoted. We are already taking various steps to take our responsibility in recycling the products we bring to the market.

Our Oasus water bottle goes a step further. We ensure a 100% recyclable product, even when using black plastic. So our Oasus is black to the eye, but made from dark blue biobased plastics so it is fully recognized as PE material. In addition, the Oasus is made entirely from the same raw material and is therefore a single material, which makes recycling even easier. Read all about the Oasus water bottle.


Watch our journey to the origins of biobased plastics!

With 9 million hectares of sugar cane plantations and 560 million tons of sugar cane harvested each year, Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugar cane. Production is located in the central southern states such as Sao Paulo, which is 3,000 kilometers south of the Amazon rainforest. For Eurobottle the perfect place to start our quest for the origin of our biobased products.

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