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How do we support the World Championship Ice Hockey?

Together with Ice Hockey the Netherlands we strive to an even more sustainable future. In various ways we take an extra step forwards every time. And this time we made an extra step by helping to realize the the most sustainable Ice Hockey World Championship ever! The WKU18 in Heerenveen…

Lucozade custom bidon | Eurobottle

Lucozade boxing

And still, the world champion bottle in the world. Lucozade had their own sports bottle produced at Eurobottle, this sports bottle is available worldwide with a capacity of 1000 ML!

Rolyn Around kiest voor Eurobottle


January 2018, Robert (29) and Lynn (24) set off on a world tour by bicycle. "Initially we were going to go backpacking, but an encounter with a Swiss cyclist inspired us and made us decide to do the same."

XXL Nutrition

Hydration is something you want to learn! Whether you go for a long endurance workout or hit the gym: you're going to sweat anyway. Therefore, it is important to always have a sports bottle with you to keep drinking properly to replenish lost fluids.

Information about Eurobottle

One step forward to a circular sports industry

What happens when a sports bottle is fully used? Together with CIRCULR., SAAR and Milieu Service Nederland, we have started a pilot to save discarded sports equipment, including sports bottles, from residual waste and to preserve valuable raw materials. We collected almost 3,000 used bottles...

Oasus - New colours possibilties

Discover our new Oasus colours

2 years after launching the Oasus water bottle, it is time for innovation! It is a popular product among our staff, customers and business associates. And now it's time for new, refreshing colors! By engaging in conversations with various parties, we have gained an impression of the current color preferences.…

Eurobottle - Collectie 2024

Our new NOOS collection

From 2024 we will work with a NOOS, Never out of Stock, collection. This means that we can provide certainty of stock on chosen bottles in our range. This allows us to guarantee a smooth delivery on these sports bottles...

Back to Biobased Eurobottle

Back to Biobase

With 9 million hectares of sugar cane plantations and 560 million tons of sugar cane harvested each year, Brazil is the world's largest producer of sugar cane. The production is located in the central southern states...

Duurzaam is niet altijd zwart / wit | Peter Westveer Eurobottle

Sustainability is not always black and white!

My first interview for PromZ Vak two years ago was with Peter Westveer, commercial director of Eurobottle. Unfortunately, we have to conclude that the knowledge around plastic raw materials is still not very big among many people in the industry and the confusion only seems to increase.

Powerbar sports bottle 750 ML
330 ML Activity for Albert Heijn
Sportvoedingswebshop 500 ML sports bottle
Engraving of the Oasus water bottle
Aquarius Bottle crates and drinking bottles
Powerbar Racing The Planet
Sports drinking bottles from KayFit of Dronten
Urban Gym Almere 500 ML sports bottle
Eurobottle - Drinking bottles for ice hockey
Eurobottle bottle with print
Eurobottle - Skor bottle
Powerbar sports bottles from Eurobottle
Several Oasus sustainable water bottles printed
Lukas Kaufmann opts for Eurobottle
Eurobottle - The supplier for sport bottles
Rose sport bottle
Warrior sport bottle with long nozzle
Oasus durable water bottle color gray
Lucozade custom sport bottle Eurobottle
Printed Oasus water bottle from Almere Floriade Expo
Performance Bottle XXL Nutrition
Eurobottle - Maxim sport bottles on bicycle
Gripper drinking bottle with measurements
Mountain biker with Eurobottle sport bottle on bike

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