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Since 1994 Eurobottle has been manufacturing sports water bottles. Every year we produce and print millions of water bottles for customers worldwide. Eurobottle prints for all areas of sports, sports clubs and sports event companies with an eye on the environment and sustainability. Caring for our environment is extremely important to Eurobottle and we have demonstrated that by the use of biobased plastics. To underline this commitment, Eurobottle has developed the first true biobased sports bottle in the world! All Eurobottle products are also 100% recyclable. With these innovations, we are continuing to build a closed circular economy in which we aim to reduce the use of raw materials, promote recycling and limiting waste production, and thus reduce the societal footprint of human activity.


100% Dutch production and quality


The plastic bottles and the production process of Eurobottle are food safe. This means that the bottles are suitable for food. There is no exchange of harmful or unhealthy substances between the bottle and its contents. We produce according to European laws and regulations. Of course, our end products are tested intensively. Eurobottle produces under ISO9001 and ISO22000 certifications.

ISO 22000

Providing packaging to protect your food is something we take very seriously. The shape, color, dimensions and sealing of your packaging are of the highest quality. And – at least as important – we produce the packaging in a clean and safe environment. Moreover, the materials we use for your packaging comply with the latest legislation and regulations in the field of food contact materials. Lloyds Register has certified us according to the ISO 22000 standard since 2009.  Klick here for our ISO22000

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management. Since 2005 our quality management system has been certified by Lloyds Register. In this way we give our customers the confidence that we can continue to meet their wishes and the legal requirements that apply. The emphasis here is on ‘permanent’. Because the market, the legislation and the wishes of customers change over time.

Biobased is the future!

Move in the right direction!

“Our story starts in the southern of Brazil. About 3000 km south of the Amazon rainforest are a lot of sugar cane plantations. Sugar cane has the property that, like bamboo, it grows incredibly hard. In addition, it absorbs large quantities of CO2 from the air and O2 gives back to the earth, which of course benefits us enormously.

When the sugar cane is harvested, a large amount of sugar water can be extracted from the plant. Ethanol can then be made from this sugar water by means of an industrial process and polyethylene can be made from ethanol. Green polyethylene. This Green polyethylene then arrives at our factory in Dronten, the Netherlands, where we produce our biobased bottles from this Green PE!

We believe that if you want to contribute to a better environment, you can opt for a biobased bottle! The big advantage of biobased plastic compared to traditional plastic is that it produces significantly less carbon dioxide (CO2).

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