An extra classy look?

Choose a soft touch coating for your sports bottle! This gives your bottle a more luxurious look and also provides extra grip due to the matte coating.

Extra stylish look?

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Durable sports bottles with a soft touch coating

What is soft touch?

Softtouch is a special coating which is applied over a sports bottle, giving it a matte and stylish look and providing extra grip. By default, we offer these in black and transparent colors. For more options, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Soft touch is possible at the Team bottle. Do you still want to see the contents of the water bottle? Then choose the soft touch clear, this bottle is semi-transparent so you can clearly see the volume of the bottle.

The soft touch layer does not affect the sustainability of the sports bottle and it will remain 100% recyclable. Eurobottle has years of experience in printing sports bottles, so you can be confident that your print will be perfectly clear and long-lasting.

Softtouch Black vs Normal | Eurobottle products
XXL Nutrition sports bottle with soft touch coating

Discover all the benefits of a soft touch layer on your bottle

Give your printed sports bottle an even more luxurious look with a soft touch coating. You can see the differences between soft touch clear and soft touch black in the image below. Interested? Get in touch with us!

Rose sport bottle soft touch clear
Rose soft touch - Black bottle with print

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