Discover our new Oasus colours

Discover our new Oasus colours

Discover our new Oasus colours

2 years after launching the Oasus water bottle, it is time for innovation! It is a popular product among our staff, customers and business associates. And now it’s time for new, refreshing colors!

By engaging in conversations with various parties, we have gained an impression of the current color preferences. We have visited colleges to ask for opinions on current color trends and sat down with our color supplier to discuss the fashion of 2023-2024.

The colors that came up most in the conversations are light blue, yellow, pink, and mint green. These colors are currently very prevalent in the market and in (or near) the latest fashion trend.

In addition, to better meet the customer’s wishes, we have decided to replace the Sunset Red and Sky Blue. These colors often did not match the corporate identity of companies with a red or blue logo. This has resulted in a PMS 485 C red Oasus and a PMS Process Blue C blue Oasus.

This gives a total of six new colors for the Oasus, with a total offer of 11 different colors. Of course, the Sunset Red and Sky Blue are still available as long as the stocks last.

Oasus water bottle Eurobottle colors

Do you want to order the new colours now?

Have you become so enthusiastic that you can’t wait to order these colors? Then you can of course contact us directly! We are happy to let you know all the possibilities.

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Sugarcane Eurobottle bottle
New 6 Oasus colours
Sugarcane Eurobottle bottle

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