Discover sailfish’s sustainable sports bottles

Discover sailfish’s sustainable sports bottles

Discover sailfish’s sustainable sports bottles

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Sailfish is one of our valued clients within triathlons. Sailfish is a leading brand in the swimming and triathlon industry. Through our partnership, sailfish has enabled us to further strengthen our commitment to sustainability. We would like to share how Eurobottle has contributed to their sustainability goals.

“The origin of sailfish is in water and nature, so we feel obliged to protect both.”

Eurobottle is specialized in the production of reusable sports bottles with a sustainable character. Our focus on sustainability is embedded in our corporate culture and is reflected in every aspect of our production process. We use high quality materials which are biobased, meaning they come from renewable resources. This helps reduce dependency on fossil fuels and contributes to a circular economy.

Durable appearance of sailfish water bottles

It was important to sailfish that the water bottles they offered to their customers were sustainable, but also showed this in the design. Therefore, in addition to the sailfish logo, we also placed recognizable icons on the water bottles, showing that the water bottles are biobased, recyclable and contribute to a better environment. By doing so, you point out to users that they are making a conscious choice when choosing the sailfish water bottle.

As Eurobottle, we are proud to partner with sailfish and to contribute to their sustainability mission with our water bottles.

The benefits of a sustainable bottle with your own logo

Not only is a sports bottle a convenient and functional tool, but it can also serve as a powerful marketing tool that creates a lot of brand awareness. By having your logo visibly printed on a sports bottle, you reach a wide audience. Think of athletes taking their bottles to gyms, sporting events and other activities. This way your brand will be visible all the time!

If you are looking for high-quality, durable water bottles with attractive designs, contact us!

Transparent sports bottle with custom printing
Sustainable sailfish bottle with your own imprint
Sailfish sports bottle on bike in mountains
Sailfish water bottle, durable and functional

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