From sugarcane to a bottle!

A sustainable sports bottle with your company’s corporate identity or just the logo is a perfect business gift or promotional tool.

From sugarcane to a bottle!

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A look into the world of sustainable plastic

What is biobased?

How does Eurobottle ensure sustainable plastic. Quite simply, we make our sport bottles from plastic which is created from sugar cane. “Traditionally, plastic is made from crude oil. Extracting crude oil and processing it into plastic takes a lot of energy. Producing it creates a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) and can cause environmental pollution. This all contributes to global warming (greenhouse effect).”

From sugarcane to a bottle

“So it can also be done in a different way. From sugarcane, of course, cane sugar is first produced for consumption. From the residue, bioethanol can be made. From bioethanol you can then make plastic that has exactly the same composition and quality as plastic made from crude oil. Sustainable and excellent for recycling! And a big advantage: since sugarcane absorbs a lot of CO2 while growing, biobased plastic actually has negative CO2 emissions! So from these material we make our bottles.

We want to contribute to a better environment, do you? Even you can choose a biobased bottle, you are already taking a step in the right direction!”

What is biobased
From sugarcane to a bottle
life cycle

Watch our journey to the origins of biobased plastics!

We believe that if you want to contribute to a better environment, you should choose a biobased bottle! The major advantage of biobased plastic over traditional plastic is that it produces significantly less carbon dioxide (CO2).

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